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Focus peaking, K-01 vs NEX-3.

Those 2 cameras have the focus peaking feature that helps achieve exact focus especially with manual lenses. They work about the same,  i want to share with you how they work respectively and what is their pros and cons of each.

Pentax K-01:

– Grey peaking without any settings for level of peaking and no color choices.

– Peaking can be turn on and off easily by pushing red button (i selected the red button in the customization menu).

– You can magnify by  zooming up to 6X (2X, 4X and 6X) to focus more accurately.

Sony NEX-3:

– Choice of 3 colors (red, yellow and white) with strengths level.

– Peaking can be turn off and on but you have to go in the Menu which is not very fast.

– You can magnify the view to 7X or 14X, i use 7X only.

On my NEX-3 most of the time i use the yellow peaking but sometimes depending on the color of my subject i use the red. Up to now both work pretty well, Pentax took a different approach in the color and effect but it seems to do the job, i tried it with some of my lenses and i’m satisfied.

The best way to do it is by showing you, so i made a video of how the K-01 and NEX-3 peaking feature work in the field.






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