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Some recent photos taken with the K-01.

Just wanted to share some photos taken with the K-01 that i took lately.

Still learning that baby, the more i use it the more i like it, it really grows on you. Well, since i got it i barely used my K20D, even for wildlife shots !

Close-up of a Snapping Turtle, i was glad i still had all my fingers after that shot 😉

Taken with the Pentax DFA100mm Macro WR handheld with SR.

That morning the fog was very thick and lasted even after sunrise, the insects couldn’t fly away so i was able to take many shots.

Taken with the Pentax DFA100mm Macro WR and Pentax-A TC 1.4X-S, tripod.

Stemless Lady’s-Slipper taken in a pine forest near my home, they are so beautiful.

Taken with the Pentax DA14mm, tripod.

Taken with the DA35mm Macro Limited, handheld with SR. I wouldn’t have been able to take that shot with a DSLR because it would have been impossible to see in the VF, even with the K-01 it was hard to compose and focus. A tilting or swivel screen wouldn’t have been helpful either because the camera’s LCD was up against the steep shore of the pond.

Even if it’s have some limitation it’s certainly a camera that have it’s place in my bag, i never left home without my K-01.


How is the K-01 for photographing frogs ?

One of the first reason why i bought the K-01 was for photographing frogs.

Why ?

– Great High ISO performance expected (same sensor as the K-5).

– Shake Reduction.

– Live View with focus peaking.

Well …..   does the K-01 met my expectations ?


I now have used it on several occasion for photographing Green frogs at ponds and it makes taking photos at water’s level so easy compared to when i use my K20D. Focusing when holding the camera just above water is made easy now with focus peaking and i now use my DA14 more often since the frogs are not as scared now that it’s only a camera that come close to them and not me with a DSLR.

The high ISO quality is a great advantage here because when photographing frogs at ponds, early or late in the day, you don’t have much light.

Here are some shots taken with the K-01:


Taken with K-01 and Pentax DA14mm (handheld with SR), ISO 800, 1/100 sec. at f/10.

Taken with K-01 and Pentax DFA100mm Macro WR (handheld with SR), ISO 1600, 1/100 sec. at f/8.

Taken with K-01 and Pentax DFA100mm Macro WR (handheld with SR), ISO 1250, 1/125 sec. at f/7.1.