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Don’t be afraid to use different lenses.

Often we tend to take a photo with a lens and walk away thinking we got “the shot” , i do it myself also. On a frosty morning i took photos of the same scene but varying my choice of lens. I did change the angle by walking around my subject to get the perspective i wanted.

Here is the lenses i used to take the following photos on my K-01:

– DA14

– DA*50-135

– Pentax-645 FA300mm/5.6

 With those 3 lenses i was able to vary my compositions to get different effects.

Pentax DA14

Pentax DA*50-135 at 55mm

Pentax DA*50-135 at 135mm

Pentax DA*50-135mm at 108mm

Pentax-645 FA300mm/5.6

They may not be all keepers but it’s always good for training your “Eye“. So give it a try next time you’re out shooting in the wild!


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