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My 1st Street Photography experience !

I’ve been a Nature photographer for the last 26 years but i’ve always liked what Street photographers were producing, especially in B&W. I recently bought a Fuji X-E1 because i wanted something smaller, it’s a camera that reminds me of the old rangefinder cameras often used by street photographers in the past. So i was tempted to try street photography, so i took my X-E1 with my 27mm and 18-55mm and headed for a town near my home with a boardwalk along a river where big boats are anchored. There is also a lot of restaurant and stores are all side by side so i was hoping for some interesting occasions.

I started with the 18-55mm because of the OIS which was useful around sunrise, i thought that i would use the 27mm when the light would be sufficient but i stayed with the 18-55mm because of it’s versatility …. maybe next time i will bring only the 27mm to force me to use it. It was difficult, it’s not easy to photograph peoples in the street and found that i didn’t had much time to compose/focus and set the aperture needed for the shot.  Also i found it not easy getting close to peoples and take their photos, i will need more practice to find confidence at getting closer to peoples.

I liked the experience, it was fun and challenging to try a new photographic discipline, i will certainly continue to do it when i have time to get better at it.

Here are some of the photos i took this morning, all taken in RAW and converted to B&W in Silkypix and PS Element 12.

One of the first shot i took this morning.

Looking for glass bottles in the recycling bins.

Time to clean, kids had done drawings last night.

Waiting at the toilet cabinet.

This worker was taking a break while talking to a boat owner.

A beautiful and relaxing place to read the daily newspaper.


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