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Weekly photo of 28 March 2016

I went to the Omega Park with my wife and my 2 girls on Easter day, we like to visit that ZOO at least twice a year. It’s different than a regular ZOO, you drive your car in the forest while the animals are free to go where they want except some animals like the predators (wolves, bears, coyote and arctic foxes). The animals are very tame so you can get close to them in general, at around mid point during the visit you can stop and get out of your car and walk with the White-tailed Deer close to the road. Around my house it’s difficult to get close to a Deer to get a good photo even with a 400mm lens, so I decided to get a different view and used my 10-18mm zoom lens to show the Deer in it’s environment.


Canon 7D with 10-18mm STM, at 15mm, f/7.1, handheld.


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