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Book and publishing

Honourable mention in OPC magazine photo contest.

Last autumn i entered a contest in OPC (Outdoor Photograhy Canada ) magazine, one of my photo was selected for an honourable mention. I would have liked to win but you can’t win them all 😉

It’s the last photo at the bottom of the page “Smoky water and ice“.



The Art of Close-up Photography, my 1st book !

I wanted to share my Close-up photos in a book but didn’t want to do it gear oriented since there is already a lot of those kind of books. What i did is talk about each photo in the book, explaining why and how i took it, some are more straight and some needs more explanations. Like i said in my book, i’m just a passionate photographer who wants to share and hope that you will learn a couple of things when reading my book.

It’s available on Blurb as a soft cover or you can download the PDF version here:


BTW, you can preview the first 15 pages if you click on the link above also.