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Warning … dead frogs.

This morning i went to one of my favorite pond (more of a waterhole) to photograph frogs, my first try this spring. I wasn’t prepared for what i found, at least 20 green frogs were dead in the pond, smaller and bigger ones as well.

I don’t know if it’s due to a disease or i also found information on the web that on smaller artificial pond in peoples backyard the decaying leaves can release toxic gas and the frogs can suffocate during the winter ?

I saw only one frog alive that jumped in the water… that’s all !

Here are two photos i took this morning of the dead frogs.

This one looks like he nearly made it out of the deadly water.


Favorite Frog and Toad shots of 2011

In the last 2 years i developed a passion for photographing Frogs and Toads in their environment and trying to compose beautiful shots. Here is my favorite collection of 2011, hope you will like them ! In 2012 i will try to take different kind of photos, so stay tuned , spring is slowly coming here in Montreal.