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Weekly Photo, 19-May-2014

Yesterday we went to the Omega Park in Montebello, Province of Quebec, Canada and it’s about an 1 hour drive from my home. My kids love to go there ….. OK …. me also ūüėČ

Yound Black Bear, they were 3 who were born last January. This one was coming down from a tree and i was just in time to take it’s portrait.


Fog is one of the best opportunity for photography.

Fog can add drama and/or mystery in a shot, you have to be out early because when the sun is up the fog will evaporate quite fast and the show will end.

I’m lucky to live in the Province of Quebec in Canada where we often have cold nights that are ideal for fog formation. Here it can happen most of the year, habitually you need a warm day followed by a cold night, even in winter when there is a big drop in temperature during the night, fog will form and also frost will hang on the trees adding another beautiful touch to the landscape.

Autumn is the best season for fog photography because the days or still warm and during the nights the temperature can drop very low and you can have fog and frost in the same shot!

This shot was taken in August on a cold morning on the shore of Lake Philippe in Gatineau Park, Province of Quebec, Canada. I waited until the sun was out to see how the scene would change, sometimes you’re lucky and get a good shot.

Pentax K20D, Pentax DA*50-135mm, Tripod.

Exposition can be tricky because your meter will try to make the fog grey, so you will have to compensate for that by dialing +1 or more depending on how much fog take place in your composition.

Another situation that is hard to expose is when the fog is lit by the sun, burning highlights can be easy. The “blinkie” on your LCD¬†can help to see how much of the scene will be overexposed, some part might be overexposed but you don’t want to have all the fog to be too overexposed.

Here is an example of the sun rising behind the fog, the sensor can’t record the dynamic range of the entire scene, so you have to let the sun overexposed which is OK since we can’t see all that scene well exposed with our own eyes anyway.

Sony NEX-3, SMC Takumar 35mm/3.5, tripod.

An interesting thing about fog is that it will take the color temperature of the available light, at sunrise it can become orange and before sunrise it’s more gray or blue.

Here is a shot i took at sunrise, you can see that the fog took the color of the light at that time of the day.

Sony NEX-3, Sony Alpha 70-300mm G series, tripod.

Composition is important, if you fill the frame with fog you will not necessarily get a good shot, you will get a white frame, you need structure and if possible a strong foreground interest. Practice is the key for photography and particularly with fog, autumn is coming so it’s time to set your alarm clock, dress warm¬†and get out with your camera.¬†Back home after¬†your photo session you will be able to look at your shots on your PC with a hot chocolate or coffee.

Some more shots.

Fog and frost in a field last autumn, not thick fog but enough to give a final touch to that shot.

Pentax K20D, Pentax DA* 50-135mm, tripod.

St-Lawrence river at sunrise with fog on the horizon.

Pentax K20D, Pentax DA* 50-135mm, tripod.

Fog can give a different look to your wildlife photos, those Canada geese looks more like a painting.

Pentax K20D, Pentax-67 M* 400mm/4, tripod.